Castle in the Sky - flute and piano (at Kingsley Manor)

I play with a music group called Remedy Through Music (RTHM), and we play at hospitals, convalescent centers, retirements homes, etc. to make people happy. Recently we performed at Kingsley Manor, and this was one of the songs we did.


Noticed this leaf stamped flat into the ground.


"In the Park" - Flute, Beatbox, Piano

This was about 1/3 of what I performed at a talent show at my college. The tune is from the Finnish song Puistossa, which translates to “In the Park”.

I was fortunate enough to win the solo act for the talent show with some of this. (Not that there were many people… But, still, it was fun, and I was happy to share music.)

the bottle

he tightens the straps of his pack
takes a final sip of frivolity
checks that his bottle is filled with solitude
enough to slake any yearning for peace


dim the lights to hear the silence
shut the eyes to taste the stillness


one third improv - beatbox flute


hope street improv - beatbox flute


soft sky drips
through the window
pasting light on the wall

heaven’s whispers
sink into my ears

time sinks into a river
causes it to flood
(we paddle with the current)

then, at last

night falls
we stoop down
pick up the moon
and piece together the sky

Google Books Ngram Viewer 2013 Release

Google Books Ngram Viewer released an update that incorporates changes that I made with two other interns while interning at Google this past summer.

Research blog | Article on The Atlantic | Example search

It was a fantastic project that tied my linguistic interests with my computer science interests. My hosts were also beyond amazing - Slav Petrov and Dipanjan Das (in fact, my experience working with them was virtually perfect).

Summary of changes:
-support for wildcard searches, so you can search “the best *” and see what the top ten matches are, graphed accordingly
-support for morphological searches, so you can search “run_INF” to plot all inflections of the verb “run”
-support for case-insensitive searches
-revamped user interface

The project involved both backend and frontend changes. As a team we first worked to understand the backend - how to compute the data, how to store all these frequencies across so many years ranges, etc. Then we gradually moved on to the frontend and considered novel ways to display the data. There were also subtle features to continue support for, such as reliable URL sharing.

Overall, for me, Ngram Viewer 3.0 represents more than just an intriguing project at the intersection of computer science and language; it represents a grand experience this past summer where I grew tremendously.

BEESL - Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory

A site I made years ago for a research lab at Syracuse University. Finally deployed (so the framework and code is a bit old). It’s developed in Ruby on Rails (2.3.x) and features a content-management system so a user can easily manipulate content on the page. In that sense, it’s similar to J-D RamPage.