stockholm syndrome

so you lock me up, both heart and head, in an invisible hallway
taunting me with 2 doors
the key is as invisible as your intention
the doorknob as smooth as your skin

I look both ways, the doors facing each other at opposite ends
the hallway shrinks, threatening to suffocate
the walls close in, forcing me to decide
yet I hold both doorknobs, refusing to let go

why can’t you just free me of this stockholm syndrome?

autumn wind

autumn wind turns to rain
the night is long, drawn out, tame
slake a thought
slay that maimed
felt out, pain

tremble that so feeble hand
shake the world
the palm again
drop the sword
hold it high
let it stop
the feeble cry


Guitar holder
Laser cutting project using the laser cutter at Google.

I made this so I could rest my guitar down without worrying about how the frets might be turned if I didn’t set it down carefully.

(“daze” is one of my aliases.)


fingerprints on the keyboard
are the thousands of footprints
I left in my travels.


soft talks tonight
by the tread
ing water slow
ly through the qui
et night.

a faint dismiss
al of the church
a call from here,
within the search
uplift the curse
into the eye
a storm in part
an alibi


Flute and Piano - Sandstorm remix


I had no idea
how someone
could take away

my breath

the wrong way.
by suffocating the expressive part,
the lively part, the part that
normally in sunlight
but now is flat, the fizz gone from the carbonated thirst quencher.


Castle in the Sky - flute and piano (at Kingsley Manor)

I play with a music group called Remedy Through Music (RTHM), and we play at hospitals, convalescent centers, retirements homes, etc. to make people happy. Recently we performed at Kingsley Manor, and this was one of the songs we did.


Noticed this leaf stamped flat into the ground.


"In the Park" - Flute, Beatbox, Piano

This was about 1/3 of what I performed at a talent show at my college. The tune is from the Finnish song Puistossa, which translates to “In the Park”.

I was fortunate enough to win the solo act for the talent show with some of this. (Not that there were many people… But, still, it was fun, and I was happy to share music.)